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iSearch Worldwide


Silicon Valley+Tokyo 

Building operations at the leading edge of the global economy.   


Global technology business ventures require high quality market information, clarity and speed in execution -

carried forward by high caliber professional talent.  Making timely judgements about how to implement on the ground in response to market demands and competitive pressures is a growing challenge. 


iSearch principals come to recruiting and advisory with a deep track record of launching new ventures, managing regional business development, and building and running regional operations.  


We form trusted partnership bonds to produce best outcomes for managers and

career professionals seeking advanced opportunities.


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Accelerate Market Opportunities 


Grow your Potential


Navigate Complex Markets

Who We Are

iSearch Partners Joe Peters and Tony Bucher have decades of experience building businesses spanning global markets in insurance and tech.  Both are founders and managers who have dedicated themselves to the unique opportunities inherent in recruiting and market entry advisory at mid-career. Having relied on recruiters to build their own businesses, they understand the critical difference that a consultative, non-transactional recruiting relationship can mean to key business ventures.  All the more so when building operations that span wide geographies and cultural differences. 

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Tony Bucher

Managing Partner - Silicon Valley

Joe Peters

Managing Partner - Tokyo

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